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 creating moments 

Moments in the mountains can be beautiful, life altering, full of sweat and suffering, and absolutely awesome. Standing on top of a mountain after having pushed your own mental and physical boundaries gives a feeling of reward and success that is hard to find elsewhere. 

The mountains themselves are special and very precious. We do not like to conquer them, but instead visit them with minimal impact following old Norwegian traditions of "sporløs ferdsel." So that we and everyone after us, can come back again to enjoy precious moments in the mountains.


If we can help you visit a mountain you have dreamed of, please contact us - we can help create your moment! 


/Emma & Signar


Ski touring extra ordinare. Evenings in the sauna. Boat transport to hidden gems. Come to Lofoten and Rulten Lodge! Bookings for winter 2022 are open!

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