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CV Emma Wichardt



  • Diploma in Mountain Medicine (DiMM) -a 2 year program certified by the UIAA, ICAR and ISMM focusing on emergency care in the austere mountain environement, as well as technical aspects of mountain rescue operations. Scandinavian DiMM is arranged by Norsk Fjellmedicinsk Sellskap.


  • Mountain leader (Svensk Fjälledarnorm) - Swedish mountain safety council.

  • CAA AST 2 - Canadian Avalanche Association Avalanche Skills Training level 2: advanced avalanche education focusing on terrain evaluation and avalanche hazard management.

  • First aid instructor - Certified to give courses in First Aid to aspiring climbing instructors according to the Swedish Climing Association requirements.


  • SLAO Avalanche certification level 1 - advanced avalanche rescue and assesment training: Åre Avalanche Center.


  • SLAO certified doctor - pre-hospital trauma and wilderness education targeted on traumas on the mountain in adjunction to the ski system.

  • Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) - intensive course in advanced trauma care during the first life-saving hour, a concept that is used in hospitals world wide: ATLS Sweden.

  • Advanced Medical Life Support (AMLS) - intensive course in advanced medical life support with a focus on pre-hospital medical emergencies. AMLS Sweden.


  • Acute bedside ultrasound (eFAST) - Trauma Center North.


  • Pre-Hospital Medical Command and Control - course to learn to organize the medical task and cooperate with the police/fire department at an incident or disaster scene.

  • Pre-Hospital Emergency Group - intensive course on medical triage in pre-hospital trauma.


  • Licensed medical practitioner - Norway and Sweden.


  • Medical Doctor, MD - Umeå University, Sweden.


  • Master in Sports Medicine, MSc - Master Thesis "Physiology of Adventure Racing": Umeå University, Sweden.



  • Team Mammut Scandinavia athlete

  • Faculty/Instructor ScanDiMM - on the faculty of the Scandinavian Diploma in Mountain Medicine since September 2016.


  • General practitioner - Åndalsnes Health Care Center in Romsdalen, Norway, June & Oct-Dec 2016.


  • General practitioner - Lyngseidet Health Care Center, Lyngen, Norway, Feb-May 2016.


  • Race doctor at the Åre Extreme Challenge - European Championships in multisport: Åre, June 2015.


  • Instructor "First Aid for Climbing Instructors": Åre, May 2015.


  • Resident in pre-hospital and family medicine - Åre Health Care Center, April 2015 - ongoing.


  • Race doctor for the FIS World Cup in Ski Cross, Slalom and Giant Slalom: Åre, February and March 2015.


  • Instructor "First Aid for Climbing Instructors": Gothenburg, November 2014.


  • Team doctor for Jämtland Basket, professional basketball team: Östersund, September 2014 forward.


  • Race doctor for the Axa Mountain Marathon: Vålådalen, August 2014.


  • Race doctor for the FIS World Cup in Slalom, Giant Slalom and Ski Cross: Åre, March 2014.


  • Intern doctor - Östersund hospital/Åre Health Care Center, May 2013-March 2015.


  • Medically responsible physician for the laboratory tests for the research group in high altitude medicine, prof Schagatay, Mid Sweden University: Östersund, February-May 2013.


  • Junior doctor - Åre Health Care Center, June 2012-May 2013.

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