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east ridge

Rulten (1062 m) is perhaps the finest peak in Lofoten. It consists of 2 major peaks, separated by a deep gap. Austre Rulten, the highest one, was first visited on a splendid first ascent by Slingsby, Collie, Mundahl and Slingsby JR back in august 1903. We will follow in their footsteps via the east ridge, a long and varied climb with slabs, moss, crack climbing and several knife sharp arêtes. Stamina and experience is required as this is a long day out. You will be rewarded with a magnificent view over the wild mountains and pinnacles in Raftsundet. We firmly believe this is the finest mountaineering route in Norway!

"Jeg har lenge drømt om å bestige majestetiske Rulten. Ved trygg og sikker føring av Signar ved Alpin Adventures ble Rultenbestigelsen en fantastisk opplevelse. Anbefaler Alpine Adventures på det varmeste" Miriam Saarheim, guest on Rulten summer 2019


Info about the climb


  • July, Aug, Sept

Skills required:

  • Advanced. You should be comfortable with heights and have good endurance. The climbing is airy but never too difficult. But it is a long climb, and you need to climb up and parts of the way down (some rappelling).

  • The hike up to the ridge is very scenic and knee-friendly as the terrain is soft due to dense vegetation.


Hard facts:

  • 12-16 hours round trip, 1062 vertical meters (tour starts at sea level) of which 800 meters are climbing.



  • 8000 NOK per person, 1 person/guide.


  • upon request

Included in the price

  • all necessary climbing gear (helmet, harness, climbing shoes). Always new and updated gear from Mammut​

  • boat transport to the start of the climb (not accessible by car)


Not included in the price

  • Transportation to/from Svolvær

  • Accommodation before/after the climb

  • Personal equipment like warm and windproof clothes, drinks & energy (detailed equipment list will be sent out when booking)


  • Send us an email with name, address, phone number and the dates you wish to climb. Also tell us a little about yourself and your previous experience with climbing and if you have any medical conditions we should know about.

  • When we receive your booking we will email a confirmation and an invoice with a booking fee (nonrefundable) of 30% of the total price and an invoice of the rest to be paid at the latest 30 days prior to departure. When booking later than 30 days prior to departure the whole amount will be invoiced at once. Booking is not confirmed until booking fee is paid. For more details, please see our general terms & conditions on the contact page.

Contact us if you need help organizing your trip (travel, accommodation etc).

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