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Granite in sunny Sweden

After some great days of skitouring the weather deteriorated and we considered our options for the next few days. Bohus Län could offer a 4-5 days with quite high temperatures and quite sunny weather.

A beautiful 6- at Galgeberget.

Found a nice and cheap place on Airbnb, fair-priced plane tickets and the smallest rental car available in the entire Norway and off we went!

We spent 5 days of climbing including one foggy day which we spent hiking on the Swedish coastline. As none of us had done rockclimbing in ages ( or at least a half year) we opted for the easier routes, up to grade 6. Our main focus was enjoyment and and rock acclimatization. It may sound whimpy but after a half year of ice tool swinging it feels kinda strange pulling on rock again.

The best day of climbing was probably the last day. We visited a crag close to the border were we had to paddle our way to the main wall using a small boat which we immediately named "Titanic 2". As we didnt encounter any icebergs in the lake no swimming was required.

Did some obligatory redneck-shopping in Nordby before the short drive back to Gardermoen, and arrived late night in Evenes where a massive snowfall was waiting for us. Contrasts....

This was a tricky one.

Slabby stuff

Emma in the spotlight, literally.

Her shoulder was almost as good as new.

To her delight... :)

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