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Ski touring in the wild west

Late March and April is probably the busiest season for skitouring in Lofoten. We had the pleasure of guiding the "ski club" from PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC) Oslo office for three stunning days. They were lucky as cats with the weather, the storm left when they arrived and returned when they left...

Sunny day on Geitgaljen.

The snow conditions were somewhat challenging, due to many stormy days in a row, so we spent the day before scouting a big area to find some good lines in both western and eastern Lofoten. Our efforts paid off, as according to our guests the skiing was "brilliant" and exceeded all their expectations. Always nice with happy guest and positive feedback, like the applaud we spontaneously got when saying good bye to them at the lodge. Have to pinch ourselves in the arm sometimes, is this really "work"?

Hope to see you again next year!

Skitouring in the wild west of Lofoten

A brief gust of wind at Justadtinden

Stornappstinden. We found good snow here too!

Sindre Skogvang on the east face of Geitgaljen

We spent some time scouting possible lines. And enjoyed the view...

Aleksander Berge catching air on Justadtind!

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