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UIAA Medical Commission!

A dream coming true! I am now the official representative of Norway in the UIAA Medial Commission. The seat is assigned by the Norwegian Alpine Club (NTK) so being appointed by them is a big honor for me.

Being able to meet famous names in the mountain medicine world, like Dr David Hillebrandt, Dr Urs Hefti and Dr Buddha Basnyat is very, very exciting. I will probably be a little awe struck at first, but the opportunity to learn from and discuss with people like these is something I very much look forward to.

For those that don't know, the UIAA is the International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation. It has many different committees working for different aspects of climbing and mountaineering: mountain safety, mountain sustainability and protection, bringing ice climbing to the Olympics in 2022, legal and ethical aspects of mountaineering, etc.

The Medical Commission works for sound medical advice in the mountains, and its mission is to "increase the knowledge about mountain medicine among doctors and mountaineers all over the world". This is achieved by recommendation papers on different topics of mountain medicine and by being the governing body of the Diploma in Mountain Medicine (DiMM).

I don´t really know yet what is expected of me, or if I can live up to it, but I do know that I really have a passion for mountains, and for medicine in the mountains. So if I can be the smallest little brick in building the goal of the UIAA MedCom, and to lift the topic of mountain medicine in my home countries Norway/Sweden, I will be very happy, excited and honored to be part of this.

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