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ski touring

Lofoten & Lyngen

Lofoten and Lyngen are ski touring paradises out of the extraordinary. You could spend and entire life time exploring peaks, couloirs and hidden gems. We can offer tailor made ski tours upon request, for one or many days. Some of our favorites are the Piggtind South Couloir, the Jiehkkevarri traverse and the Store Lakselvtind in Lyngen, and Geitgaljen, Rulten and Store Trolltind in Lofoten. But of course there are endless of other opportunities. Tell us what kind of skiing you would like to do and we will do our best to create a mountain moment for you. 


Prices for special packages/more advanved tours upon request. Prices for a day of guided ski touring in Lofoten or Lyngen below.

  • 5000 nok 1 pers

  • 2600 nok 2 pers

  • 2200 nok 3 pers

  • 1700 nok 4 pers

  • 1600 nok 5 pers

  • 1500 nok 6 pers

Max 6 persons per guide, 4 if more advanced objectives. 

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