Terms and conditions


In this text, you is to be interpreted as the client who has made the booking and all participants the client is bringing with him/her in his private group. We are any of the guides or staff members of Alpine Adventures Norway AS.

1. Booking Procedure


1.1.  If you are interested in joining us on an adventure, be it skiing or climbing, summer or winter, you send us an email with the following details: name, address, phone number and the dates you wish to participate. Also, tell us a little about yourself and your previous experience with the kind of activity you wish to participate in and if you have any medical conditions we should know about.


1.2. We will answer your request by email and confirm booking, or suggest another date/activity if your original request is not possible. When we have agreed on activity and date, we will email a confirmation and an invoice with a booking fee (nonrefundable) of 30% of the total price and an invoice of the rest to be paid at the latest 60 days prior to departure. Booking is not confirmed until booking fee is paid.  When booking later than 60 days prior to departure, the whole amount will be invoiced at once and booking is not confirmed until the full amount is paid.


1.3. We can only hold unconfirmed bookings for a limited time. Until deposit is paid, or if you fail to make final payments on time, we reserve the rights to cancel your booking and refund you according to the cancellation policy below.


2. Cancellation

2.1. Should you need to cancel a confirmed booking, you must notify us by email.

2.2. Cancellation policyprior to 60 days before departure, the booking fee of 30% of the total price is non refundable. If the full price has been paid, we will refund the remaining 70%, unless the activity is dependent on a minimum number of people. If less than 60 days before departure there will be no refund.

2.4. Should you wish to terminate an activity, for whatever reason, at any stage of the activity, you are not entitled to any refund.


2.5. All our guides reserve the right to change proposed venue, mountain objective, route or activity booked should we believe that starting/continuing with the booked activity/itinerary would place you, any participant and/or guides at undue risk due to unfavorable weather/environmental conditions and/or client ability. This applies to all activities. 


2.6. If the weather beforehand does not permit any, for you, interesting activities, we will, upon mutual agreement between you and us, cancel the activity and refund all but the booking fee.


2.7.In case that the booked guide becomes sick or injured, we will do our best to find a guide of similar ability. Should we not succeed in doing this, and have to cancel the activity, we will refund the full payment, including the booking fee.    


2.8 We reserve us the right to cancel a trip due to sickness, or other factors beyond our control. In this case, you will have the option of receiving a refund or rescheduling for a later date. Alpine Adventures Norway AS is not responsible for additional expenses incurred including non-refundable airline tickets, equipment, lodging and other travel related expenses. Due to the above policies, we recommend that you purchase travel insurance from a travel agent.            

3. Courses and Activities

3.1. All guides reserve the right to change proposed venue, mountain objective, route or activity booked should we believe that starting/continuing with the booked activity/itinerary would place you, any fellow participants and/or guides at undue risk due to unfavorable weather conditions and/or client ability. This applies to all courses and activities.


3.2. In case of forecasted bad weather, we reserve us the right to propose a back-up activity/itinerary that is similar to the originally booked activity.

4. Insurance


4.1. Alpine Adventures Norway AS do not provide any insurance coverage for its guests.


4.2. It is your own responsibility to decide on the level of insurance you wish to have. The following information is intended as a guide only. We accept no responsibility for costs incurred that are not covered by your insurance. We highly recommend that you have;


4.2.1  Accident insurance (Ulykkesforsikring) covering activities like climbing and off-piste skiing. Not all accidents insurance do, so check with your insurance company that you are insured for these activities.


4.2.2 Holiday cancellation insurance (Reiseforsikring): in case of illness or injury that holds you from participating in the booked activity, a holiday cancellation insurance can help you get a refund for the booked activity.


5. Acknowledgement of Risk


5.1. By booking an activity with Alpine Adventures Norway AS, you thereby acknowledge that climbing, mountaineering and skiing are hazardous activities with the risk of serious injury or death, and accept all risks associated with activities in mountainous terrain and at high altitude.


5.2. Except in respect of death or personal injury caused by grand negligence of your guide, none of our guides or staff members will be made liable for any illness, injury, death, loss or material damage that you may suffer in connection with your activity, nor for any failure by you to take out adequate insurance.


5.3. The guides will to their best ability try to minimize risk, but can never fully be expected to delete all risk involved in the high-risk activities that climbing and skiing are. For the guides to be able to do their job in risk minimizing, it is of outermost importance that you at all times follow the guides directions and instructions. 

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